Kickstarter goal met!!!

A quick update, for anyone not keeping an eye on things; the Bombshell convention exclusive has made its funding goal, which means, barring any unforeseen tragedy, you’ll be seeing me at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in August. However, we don’t want to discourage anyone from continuing to pledge, as 1) this is a great way to get yourself some awesome comics and/or artwork and 2) every penny we earn goes right back into Hero Universe Comics, so you’re still supporting the same creators and their work.

So, I’m attempting a Kickstarter project to fund a “Bombshell #1” convention exclusive variant. The deal is basically that my fundraising goal is the amount of money it will take me to actually attend the convention. If you would be so kind as to give the page a look, possibly pledge if you feel so inclined and are able, and help spread the word, I would be grateful. There are some really nice incentives offered, including commissioned original art, rare Bombshell ashcans, and even the creation of cover art for your own creator-owned comic. Assuming you have a creator owned comic. Oh, yeah, and if you happen to know anyone who has a creator owned comic and might want some nice cover art, let them know about this as well.