The Four Horsemen want to sell you a duck!

Everybody was awesome in coming through for HU with the Bombshell variant, now our friends at Four Horsemen Studios are asking for help getting their Gothitropolis Raven figure off the ground. If you’re a collector of American action figures and don’t know who the 4H are or what they’ve done for your collection, shame on you. If you are a fan, then you know you can’t live without Minotaur the Duck on your shelf.

Bombshell #3 is outselling Bombshell #2?

So here’s something odd I just noticed; on Indy Planet, we’ve sold more copies of Bombshell #3 than we have of #2. Which is super weird to me. We’ve sold more copies of issue 1 than we have of any of the other two, which is to be expected. Many people will buy the first issue of a series to see if they like it, and then they’ll either buy the other issues later, wait for the trade, or maybe decide that book’s not for them. But why would more people buy issue 3 than issue 2? Is there anybody out there with a hole in their Bombshell story?