Bombshell TPB and Free Comic Book Day

I know I don’t update as often as I’d like. The first reason for that is that, given how small our operation is, there isn’t new news too often. Also, I really need to sit down some day and get a more solid understanding of how to use WordPress.

At any rate, there is now actual new news, two bits of it, in fact, and I will share both bits of that actual new news with you now (spoiler warning, both bits of news appear in the header of this newsletter):

Bit of news #1: The Bombshell TPB, collecting all 3 issues of the series, is now available through IndyPlanet:

As always, copies will be made available directly through Hero Universe, so if you want your copy signed and/or personalized, that’s the only way to get it. We don’t have copies available for purchase yet, for the reason that the book is schedule to debut at this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Which segues nicely into…

Bit of news #2: James Lynch (hi) will once again be signing and sketching at Lost World of Wonders in Greenfield, WI ( on Free Comic Book Day, which this year falls on May 3. It’s honestly one of my favorite days out of the entire year. It’s like a day at a convention, only there’s less stress, hassle, more free stuff, more intimacy, and the people are even friendlier. As has been my custom for the last few years, I’ll likely be there all day, from when the store opens at 11 AM to when it closes at 8 PM. Sketches are always free, and I will be taking commissions, selling books, and I’ll have some art prints available, including my new Doctor Who print, which you can preview here:

I really encourage everybody to come out for FCBD. It’s fun, there’s plenty of free stuff, and I like seeing friendly people. Tell your friends, tell people with kids (who doesn’t like free stuff to do with their kids on a weekend?), tell the random guy you see walking down the street with the Flash t-shirt.

I like LWoW for FCBD for three reasons:

1) They’re the best store in the area. Sorry, other stores in the area, but that’s just how I feel. They’re the biggest, cleanest, best stocked, and their staff is the friendliest.

2) They give away more free stuff than any other store. Other stores have lower limits on how many free books you can take, and they have a more limited selection on which FCBD books they order. Lost World has a greater selection and is more generous with their giving.

3) I’ll be there. Lost World has been good to me over the years, and I like supporting them in return.

So, come out for Free Comic Book Day, buy the Bombshell TPB, and tell all your friends/family/horde members to do the same.


P.S.: You can find most of our books on IndyPlanet at the following address:

And Bombshell is available as a digital book through ComicsPlus, including the first issue being available to read absolutely free of charge: