Post-Free Comic Book Day Roundup

Hi everybody!

I meant to send this out a day or two after this year’s Free Comic Book Day, but it slipped my mind. Which has actually been happening a lot lately. I’m actually kind of worried. And, man, FCBD feels like a lot longer ago than it was. But, moving on…

I would like to say a few words, first, about the heavy emotional journey that was Free Comic Book Day 2014.


And do you know why it was awesome? I rarely can say this in life, what with my day job in retail, but it was the people. The staff of Lost World of Wonders was, as always, helpful, courteous, humorous, and all around delightful to spend a day with. The customers, as well, were energetic, fun, and generous.

There were also a lot of them. A lot. What has been the norm the last 5 or so years I’ve been doing this is that, before the store opens for the day, there will be a line down the sidewalk to the end of the building. Within an hour, hour and a half, the line will have subsided to a manageable length, to at least the point where the doors can shut without cutting off the line.

This year, when the doors opened, there was a line around the block.

Two hours later, there was still a line down the block.

Four hours later, there was still a line out the door. It wasn’t for lack of trying. The staff handled the situation like pros. There were just that many people. I’ve been through at least a half dozen FCBDs, and I’ve never seen crowd like that. The “first hour rush” that I’m used to lasted for at least four or five hours. It was chaos, and it was fantastic.

While I only sold a few books, I sold way more art prints than I’d imagined I would. Usually at these in-store appearances, space is limited, and I prefer to focus on gaining new readers for Hero Universe’s line of books (hey, I work hard on those things. It takes a lot more time and effort to conceptualize, write, edit, draw, color, letter, and print a comic book than it does to draw a pinup of a popular character). I usually only take prints to conventions, where I know I’ll have a guaranteed amount of room, and in some cases a built-in audience (for example, at last year’s Chicago Comic Con, with Jason David Frank in attendance, I sold through three print runs of my Power Rangers art print).

Bringing prints to FCBD was a bit of an experiment, and I think it paid off. Not only did I more than double my take from last year’s FCBD, I shattered my single-day art sales record. Yes, FCBD at LWoW is more profitable for me than a day at a convention, not to mention that I don’t have to pay for table space, I don’t have to travel very far, I don’t have to pay for lodging, and the LWoW people even bought us artists lunch (something I can assure you Wizard has never done).

So, thank you to everyone who came out, and for those who were there in spirit (I know not everyone reading this could be in Milwaukee for FCBD, but your positive vibes were felt). Thank you to the staff of Lost World of Wonders for hosting another amazing FCBD event. And for everyone who did support my art with a purchase, thank you, and I hope you enjoy your wares. I also hope that the few new readers I managed to sucker in will enjoy their books, and will continue to be fans for years to come. This day really reminded me why FCBD is one of my favorite days out of the entire year.

There are a few new projects bubbling here at HU HQ (sorry, I’ll try never to type that again), and I hope to have some good news not too far down the road.

Until then, I’d like to remind everyone that they can check out HU’s books online, including reading the first issue of “Bombshell” for free:

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James Lynch