Free Comic Book Day 2015 is May 2nd


James Lynch of Hero Universe Comics (that’s me) will once again be appearing at Lost World of Wonders in Milwaukee (Greenfield?) WI for Free Comic Book Day.

Lost World of Wonders is the best store in the area to celebrate FCBD for several reasons:

1) It’s the largest comic book store in Wisconsin.

2) It’s the best store in the area. This may be strictly opinion, but aside from being large, it’s also well maintained, well stocked, and has a great staff.

3) They give away more free stuff than any other shop in the area. Many stores limit you to one or two free books, LWoW usually sets the limit around 4.

4) They’re having a massive, storewide sale that day. Everything in the shop will be at least 25% off, including back issues, TPB/graphic novels, toys, models, games, books, cards, statues, and other assorted collectibles (excludes new release comics)

5) They’re great supporters of local artists. They’re the only shop in the area with a year round “Local Talent” shelf. Several artists are usually there each FCBD to show off their own comics and creations and do FREE sketches for all attendees.

I personally will be there all day long, from 11AM when the doors open to 8PM when the doors close (the staff sometimes says I stick it out to the “bitter end,” but the last people through the door can often be some of the best). I will be doing free sketches, selling copies of Hero Universe comics, selling art prints (including the newly complete Frozen, Harley Quinn, and Ahsoka Tano prints) and will be holding a special drawing to give away a FREE 9×12” marker commission (I’ll also be taking commissions, if anybody’s interested. My rates are quite reasonable).