Oh, the things those costumed heroes can do…

Random thought about comic-related TV: on the TV show “Arrow,” which is awesome, by the way, and one of the best shows currently airing on television, it’s been shown that Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy by day, costumed archer/vigilante by night, is capable of firing three arrows at a single target at one time. This is, of course, something that almost all fictional archers are capable of. And, as is often the case with fictional badasses, Ollie occasionally comes up against a baddie that can snatch arrows fired at them right out of the air. Which begs the question, why doesn’t Oliver fire three arrows at once at those types of enemies? The guy’s only got two hands.

The makers of these shows need to keep their characters’ abilities in mind. Things like that are an invitation for writers to get creative. Like on the SHIELD show, it’s been shown that SHIELD possesses flying cars, long a piece of their arsenal in the comics. And yet they have a suspect elude them by causing a traffic jam? It makes the agents look dumb for not remembering that their cars can fly, and it makes the already bland and generic bad guys seem even more pedestrian.

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